Sophus Ejler Jepsen DK
Exhibition 21 September – 28 October 2017
Geology history nature romantics and other reminiscences - about borders.
Sophus Ejler Jepsen has long collected rocks and clay in Norway, Denmark and Germany and now begun firing samples of an overall narrative of the landscapes, resources and culture of an area that “..still and too often maintains national borders despite of obvious connections..”


A fragmented image full of large and small ceramic experiments in a kind of cabinet of curiosities.

(Cabinet I - mid)


Pieces and titles have a special poetic mysticism that leads the viewer travel to familiar and unfamiliar places: Egtved family's Tea set - Shades of strontium - Seven bowls in Lisbjerstenenes palette - Nature's Clock free after Andersen - Small group of Concretions - Local Coloration (Trelde Nes) - Goodbye to Folk Art - Modum longings - Mammary gland tree..



'TANG' DYNASTY (back wall) - top photos
WEGENER'S GLOBE (by the window)
Sophus Ejler Jepsen: ”Just as anatomy of the Renaissance is said to have sought the body of the immortal soul - National Anatomical Atlas tries to map the geology in an ethnic Dane..”

SOPHUS EJLER JEPSEN - selected previous pieces and projects

ALONG THE DOTTED LINES is a series of porcelain bowls for the child's morning compleit. MentoR attempts by his instructions and examples to guide the child, Telemachus. The child follows an Around the World Sailing in an atlas, Marco Polo's caravan to Mongolia, fox tracks in the snow, the treasure hunt for a birthday or the bending lines in the folding instructions to a newspaper hat.
TANTON is a romantic drama based on Adelbert von Chamisso amazing life and work; written and sketched forward in a ceramic scale of plaster, cement and porcelain glaze - Copenhagen Ceramics 2014.

PORCELAIN IN A BOX as well as a multitude of studies concerning casting of porcelain in cardboard, boxes and paper moulds, with subsequent decoration in blue under-glaze, which selects and indicates signs and traces of folding from the casting and firing processes. Poster-bag-inventory-flyer The White Gold, Royal Copenhagen 2003.
OUT-DOOR projects, commissions, art pieces and details of objects..

Sophus Ejler Jepsen (b.1971) lives and works in Askov by Vejen.
EDUCATION Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen MFA 2005
SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 'New Nordic Ceramics' Flensborg 2017; Comission – Lisbjerg School, Aarhus 2017; 'Dinner party for politicians and feminists', Women Museum, Aarhus 2015; ''Over The Moat' Sønderskov Castle, 'Not at Home' Brænderigården Viborg and Ringsted Gallery 2015 - 'Miles away & Tanton' Copenhagen Ceramics, 'Regional Concrete' Kongeåen/ Vejen Art Museum and Aarhus Art Building 2014 - '' John & Olivia Museum Holstebro, 'Forest Someone' Alt_Cph and 'With clay as a hostage' Vest-Jutland Art Pavilion 2013 - Frontier Lands Exhibition Aabenraa 2013,14 - 'Shadow and Mirror' Vejen Art Museum in 2011..

Grateful thanks to The Danish Arts Foundation of Crafts and Design for Project Funding to the Gallery in 2017.


Born 1971. Lives and works in Askov, Vejen, Denmark

MFA The Royal Danish Art Academy, Copenhagen 2005

Danish Art Foundation 2012
Knud Nissen's Award 2011
Trekantområdet's artist award 2010
Viggo Jarl's honorary award 2007
Ole Haslund's Artist Award 2007

Danish Art Foundation, Vejen Art Museum and private collections

Lisbjergtrappen, Lisbjerg Århus Nord, ...
ABC facade-signs, Andst Børne og skoleCenter, Andst by Vejen 2016
Skygge og Spejl, Stenhus Gymnasium, Stenhus by Holbæk 2016
Botanicerende Betontrappe, Ravninge by Kongeåen 2014

New Nordic Ceramics, Flensborg
Commission project, Lisbjerg School, Aarhus
Lisbjergtrappen - 24 steps on the Way(Vej), Vejen Art Museum
Jylland, SAK Art Building
Middagsselskabet, SAK Kunstbygnng + Svendborg City Council
Troldværket, Troldetræf, Museum Square, Vejen
Sommer-Skulptur-Søby Biennalen 2016, Søby, Søbygaard, Ærø & Andst, Kolding
Danish Folk Art, Hungary National Museum, Esztergom
Dinner Party, Vejen Art Museum + Vejen City Council
Skulpturby Selde, Selde by Skive
Middagsselskabet, Kvindemuseet Aarhus + Aarhus ByCity Council
Over Voldgraven, Sønderskov Castle
Not at Home, Brænderigården, Viborg
It is Clay ..., Ann Linnemann Gallery,
Milevidt&tanton, Copenhagen Ceramics
Egnsbeton, Kongeåen/Vejen Art Museum, Vejen
Grænselandsudstillingen, Åbenrå
Jylland, Århus Kunstbygning
2013, Jens & Olivia's Museum, Holstebro
With Clay as Hostage, Vest Jutland Art pavilion, Videbæk
Grænselandsudstillingen, Åbenrå
Skovsnogen, Alt_Cph
Shadow and Mirror, Vejen Art Museum

SALON - Hans Munck Andersen Aug-Sep 2017

Hans Munck Andersen DK
Exhibition 24 August - 16 September 2017
Salon Art – refined contemporary craft crossing its own path.
The renowned ceramic artist Hans Munck Andersen presents new masterpieces.
Intensity and natural growth dynamics meet beautifully completed craft finesse, extremes in material and form - pleasure in detail.

The ceramic objects and patterned bowls stand individually or are complemented by details, shapes and motifs, merge into new unities and reveal a double-sided artistic interest.

There are an organic cubist approach in the works Redesign, where the motifs come out of past techniques and 'recycled' elements of his own bowls. He creates renewal in these multi fragmented reminisces of Japanese tradition and an eternal joy of form.

Hans Munck Andersen calls his pieces for Salon Art in a kind humorous reference to the Art Academic lack of acceptance of the Salon (des Refusés) - and of art pieces for the living room. - See VIDEO Hans & Gerd..

Hans Munck Andersen ..Snail-pace aesthetics
“Nature provides a source of inspiration. The principle of natural growth dynamics is very fascinating to me. The combination of the twisted coils and the spiral growth of my porcelain bowls, conveys an expression, far away from something constructed or mechanic dynamic. It rather has an expression as if it was created by nature.
Yet another source of inspiration is the colourful, Islamic ornaments and occasionally I use the colour combinations in my work. It is a time consuming work process, and I am convinced that this shows in my finished works. I cultivate the 'aesthetic of slowness in a fast-paced world'.
In 1970 when I was artist in residence at the Royal Porcelain Factory in Copenhagen, I became aware of the statuettes of Biscuit Porcelain by Jean Gauguin. These marbled figurines brought me to the coloured porcelain coils. At that time I had my focus on Pop Art and this came to be expressed in my work.
Later on, my interest in Minoan ceramics as well as coloured glass of classical Antiquity and of art nouveau were determinant in the development of my own technique. A technique almost similar to the Japanese Neriage method, which I became acquainted with during my first visit to Japan in 1980. As time went by, this method became my major source of inspiration.
Within the last couple of years, I have once again taken up the sculptural aspects of my craft. In porcelain paper-clay slabs, I build up cubist-like objects, with architectural lucidity and at the same time sensual body-likeness. These are created in a sort of de-constructionist kind of way where fragments are split up and then reunited in contradictory, complex connections, whereby new pictures are created.”

Hans Munck Andersen lives and works in his studio on the Danish island of Bornholm. He was born in 1943, graduated from the School of Arts&Crafts in Copenhagen 1963-68 and continued his studies at the Danish Art Academy of Architecture and Design Department 1972-73. He has had his own studio since 1973. In 1988-89 he was censor of the Artists Summer Exhibition and in 1988-92 examiner at the Danish Design School in Kolding.
He exhibits Internationally: Hetjens Museum, Dusseldorf 1970, English Ceramic Design, USA 1981-83, IAC Member's Works, Saga Art Museum Japan 1996, Gallery Nørby 1997/2000, the Glyptotek 2002, Bornholm Art Museum 2007, International Ceramic Museum, Grimmerhus 2010... And he is represented at the Design Museum Denmark (Art, Craft and Design), Bornholm Art Museum, North Jutland Art Museum, Gothenburg Röhsska Museum, Berlin Kunstgewerbermuseum, Oslo Art and Design Museum, New York National Museum of Design, Hannover Kestner Museum, Westerwald Museum Höhr -Grenzhausen, Ichon World Ceramic Center Kyonggi, Korea ...

Grateful thanks to the National Art Foundation for the support of Ann Linnemann Gallery exhibitions in 2017.

Hans Munck Andersen
Born April 21, 1943
Member of IAC The International Academy of Ceramic Art and ACAB, Bornholm

1963-68 Design School in Copenhagen
1972-73 School of Architecture Design Department
1973-.. Own studio
1988-89 Examiner, The Artists Summer Exhibition
1988-92 Examiner, Arts and Crafts School, Kolding

1970 Hetjens Museum, Dusseldorf
1981-83 English Ceramic Design , USA
1996 IAC Member's Works, Saga Art Museum, Japan
2000 97 Gallery Nørby, Copenhagen
2002 Glyptotek, Copenhagen
2007 Bornholm Art Museum
2010 International Ceramic Museum, Grimmerhus
2013 Round Tower, Copenhagen
2013 Ann Linnemann Gallery - Contemporary Ceramics Copenhagen
2016 Svanekegaarden Art and Culture Association

Design Museum Denmark
Bornholm Art Museum
North Jutland Art Museum
Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg
Berlin Kunstgewerbermuseum
Art and Design, Oslo
National Museum of Design, New York
Kestner Museum, Hannover
Ceramics Museum Westerwald, Höhr-Grenzhausen
Ichon World Ceramic Center Kyonggi, Korea